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Don’t miss the boat book early, pay monthly with Cruisey Pay!

Cruisey Pay

With Cruisey Pay, you pay a little of your fare each month before you travel, automatically and hassle-free. Because you can book early, without the stress of paying early, it's a great way to get seats on your preferred sailing.

Cruisey Pay Questions

Who can use Cruisey Pay?

  • Customers with a total booking value over $100
  • Customers who pay by credit card or a debit Visa card, and
  • Your booking is at least 6 weeks prior to the date of travel.

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Does it cost any extra?

Interislander charges a single, non-refundable administration fee of $5. Standard credit card charges will apply.

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How does it work?

If you select to pay by Cruisey Pay, a payment schedule will be displayed, showing the amount and date of each instalment. The first instalment will include the $5 administration fee. Subsequent instalments will fall due once a month on the anniversary of your booking, e.g. if you made your booking on the 20th, each monthly payment will fall due on the 20th. The last payment must be made at least 7 days prior to the date of travel.

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Can I pay it off in fewer instalments?

The proposed payment schedule will automatically spread the cost of the booking over the maximum number of payments possible between the date of the booking and the date of travel. You can choose to reduce the number of payments if you wish - a revised schedule will then be calculated.

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Do I have to remember to make payments each month?

No. Once you've chosen Cruisey Pay, we do the rest. Your credit card will be automatically debited each month.

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What if I change my booking?

If you change your booking at any time during the payment schedule, so that the cost of the booking changes, you will be given the option to:

  • Pay the remaining amount in full,
  • Pay the difference in value immediately and pay the remainder in instalments, or
  • Pay the new balance in instalments.

Once you have chosen your preferred option, a new instalment schedule will be calculated.

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What if I cancel my booking?

If you cancel your booking, the refund conditions for your fare type will apply:

  • Easy Change Fares - fully refundable
  • Saver Change Fares - 50% refundable
  • Web Saver Fares - non-refundable

To calculate the refund, we will determine the amount paid to date, and deduct the $5 administration fee and any cancellation penalties.  Either a refund will be credited to your credit card, or the outstanding balance charged to your credit card.

Please note that the $5 administration fee is non-refundable. Cancellation penalties are calculated on the total payable fare. For example:

  • If you had made an Easy Change booking for $400, and had paid $250 before cancelling, your refund would be: $250, less the $5 administration fee - a $245 refund.
  • If you had made a Saver Change booking for $400, and had paid $250 before cancelling, your refund would be: $250, less the $5 administration fee, and less $200 (50% cancellation penalty) - a $45 refund.
  • If you had made an Web Saver booking for $400, and had paid $250 before cancelling, the balance left to pay would be: $250, less $400 (100% cancellation penalty), and less the $5 administration fee - $155 owing.

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What if I miss a payment?

If, for any reason, a payment is refused by your credit card company when it falls due, we will re-submit it for payment the following day. If payment is declined a second time, we will email you to advise that the payment was declined, and ask that you talk to your credit card company to discover the reason why and, if necessary, make a payment to restore the credit limit.

We will then re-submit the payment five (5) working days later. If this third payment is declined, we will cancel the booking and advise you of our action by email.

Please note that your credit card details can be updated online at anytime.

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What happens if my card passes its expiry date?

If your credit card expiry date occurs during the payment schedule, we will bring this to your attention when you make your booking. This will mean that your payment schedule will start, but that you will need to update your card details online, as soon as you receive your new card. We will remind you by email that we need new credit card details before the next payment is due. If you do not provide new card details, we will charge the outstanding balance in full on the last monthly payment date before the expiry date.

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How do I get my ticket?

Once the final payment has been processed you will be able to print an electronic ticket. We will confirm by email that full payment has been received, and remind you to print your ticket.

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Can I check my payments at any time?

Yes. At any stage between set-up and final payment, you can obtain a payment record. This can be done simply by logging in on the top right hand corner of the  home page. From there, select Change Booking to view or change your booking details.

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