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NZMCA - Your Journey Begins Here

If you own or are considering purchasing a motor home, caravan, fifth wheeler or slide on camper one of the best things you can do is join the New Zealand Motor Caravan Association Inc. (NZMCA).

Here at Interislander we welcome thousands of NZMCA members on-board every year and have been getting fmembers across the Strait for over 50 years.

Interislander's long-standing partnership with NZMCA ensures members receive a range of fantastic and exclusive deals, which will not only get you across the Strait but will also allow you to indulge in luxury while on-board.

Check out the benefits you will receive as an NZMCA member:

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Superb NZMCA Benefits


Special NZMCA Rates for both Vehicle AND Foot Passengers

Members get super discounts on vehicle bookings.  But if you’re travelling without a vehicle, no problem – you still get special rates as a foot passenger. 

Discounted Premium Plus Upgrades

Our Premium Lounges are a great way to cross the straight, with comfortable seating, Free Wi-Fi, hot food and snacks, and complimentary beverages.
Usually $45, NZMCA members can upgrade to a little luxury for just $35.

Extra-Flexible Fares

Decided to stay and extra night or have an unscheduled mechanical stop?  Just give us a call and reschedule up to 2 hours prior to your sailing.  In the event that you have to cancel completely, you’ll get a 90% refund.

Easiest Drive-on Drive-off

Did you know our biggest ferries, Kaitaki and Kaiarahi, are the only ferry on Cook Strait where you can drive on and drive off without having to turn your vehicle? You just drive through the bow door to board and out the stern door to disembark.

Easy for everyone, and perfect for fifth-wheelers.

The Widest Choice of Sailing Times

Our fleet of three ships make up to 11 passenger sailings per day, giving you flexibility.

Earn Nautical Dollars for Future Travel

If you're a frequent Interislander passenger you'll benefit from our Nautical Miles programme. 

Nautical Miles can be used in conjunction with your NZMCA membership to earn Nautical Dollars for future travel, get ahead of the pack with priority unloading, further lounge discounts and more.  See the Nautical Miles page for more detail.


Welcome Aboard
These very special rates and benefits aren’t available to the general public, so you must show your NZMCA card at check-in.

We look forward to welcoming you aboard the service that has been part of the New Zealand landscape for over 50 years.

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