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Ships' crew

Interislander is proud of its team, and are pleased to introduce some of the crew who will ensure your safe and enjoyable journey.


Cabin Attendants

The Cabin Attendants are there to assist you and are found throughout the ship, smiling and being helpful. Cabin Attendants operate all the on board passenger facilities including the bar and café. Cabin Attendants are also responsible for looking after passengers needs and do their utmost to provide customers with a safe and memorably enjoyable journey. Cabin Attendants wear their hearts on their sleeves instead of gold stripes (n.b. we measure the mouths of all applicants to ensure they can provide an appropriately wide smile whenever they are asked for help).

"What fabulous service the Kaitaki staff provided today. So friendly, lots of smiles..." - Kay on - 13/01/2016

Senior Cabin Attendants

Senior Cabin Attendants are stationed at the gangway as passengers board and disembark the vessel. During the crossing, they are stationed at the reception / shop, to answer passenger enquiries, or assist in restocking the food areas. They wear one horizontal gold stripe.

Onboard Services Supervisors

Onboard Services Supervisors are responsible to the CSM for the smooth running of the cafés and bars by the Cabin Attendants, as well as the cleanliness of the passenger areas. They wear two horizontal gold stripes.

Customer Services Manager

The Customer Services Manager (CSM) is in charge of all the customer facilities, the cafés, and bars, as well as the Cabin Attendants who serve in these areas. The CSM wears three horizontal gold stripes.


While much of the food is sourced through a number of outside suppliers, a variety of dishes is also prepared by qualified Cooks on board . They cater for the entire crew (up to 65 people), as well as for passengers.

Ship's Master

The Master is in overall command of the ship, responsible for the safety of the ship and all on board. The Master (or Captain) can be identified by epaulettes, worn on the shoulders, showing four horizontal gold stripes enclosing a diamond.  To become a Master, one must have considerable seagoing experience, have passed examinations, and be fully conversant with the ship.

First Mate

The First Mate is second in command of the ship, responsible for all the safety equipment on board, the stowing and security of the cargo, and ship maintenance. The First Mate can be identified by epaulettes showing three horizontal gold stripes enclosing a diamond.

Second Mate

The Second Mate is responsible for all the ship's technical navigation equipment, and can be identified by epaulettes bearing two horizontal gold stripes enclosing a diamond.

Third Mate

The Third Mate is a watchkeeping officer, who assists the First and Second Mates in the running of the ship. A Third Mate wears one horizontal gold stripe, enclosing a diamond.

Bosun/Chief Integrated Rating (CIR) 

The Bosun/CIR is the leading hand in charge of the ABs (Able Bodied Seamen) or IRs (Integrated Ratings). They are the deck crew, whose job it is to place the cargo in position and secure it to the deck, ensuring that it does not move during the crossing.

Chief Engineer

The Chief Engineer is responsible for the engine room. The engine room not only contains four main engines which drive the propellors, but also diesel generators to supply electricity for all the onboard services.  Maintenance of the machinery is done onboard, and fuel is stored in tanks placed at the very bottom of the ship. The Chief Engineer can be identified by epaulettes bearing a purple inlay between four horizontal gold stripes enclosing a diamond.

First Engineer

The First Engineer is second in charge of the engine room, and wears a purple inlay between three horizontal gold stripes enclosing a diamond.

Second Officer Electrical

The Second Officer Electrical looks after all the electrical systems on board. He wears epaulettes bearing a green inlay, between two horizontal gold stripes enclosing a diamond.

The Diamond

The diamond described in the above emblems originates from an award to Merchant Ships' Officers, in recognition of the large number of personnel on merchant ships, of all ranks, who were killed during the two World Wars.


Suitable moggies are currently being interviewed for this position, but due to the complete lack of mice on board we seldom receive applications.

All our staff (except the ship's cat), are trained in emergency procedures before they join the ship and safety drills take place weekly.








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