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Onboard Kaiarahi

Kaiarahi is the newest member of our fleet and features a clean, bright, spacious interior. Kaiarahi has two passenger decks, with the Ocean's View eatery and Local Heroes Bar on Deck 7 and the Lookout Lounge and outdoor roof seating on Deck 8.

Whether it is yummy food, a chilled drink, a relaxing recliner, or a rooftop view of the incredible sights of the Sounds, you will find it all on board.

Lookout Lounge

Lookout Lounge

The Lookout Lounge is located upstairs at the front of Deck 8. As the name suggests, it gets some pretty spectacular views looking out across the sea. To make it extra special, we've added some comfy recliners. So sit back and enjoy!

Oceans view

Ocean's View Diner

With excellent food, comfortable seats, and a spacious relaxing environment, the Ocean's View eatery is a great place to settle down and enjoy the entire journey!
Find out what's cooking by viewing the sample menu.

Local Heroes Bar

Local Heroes Bar

If you are someone who likes a to sit back and relax with delicious local beer or wine, then the Local Heroes Bar is the place for you. The bar is located at the front of Deck 7 and serves up some special views with your brews.

food counter

Food & Drink Aplenty

There is all manner of food and drink available onboard. Whether it's a sandwich, a sausage roll, fish and chips, a barista coffee, a cake, a beer or a bottle of bubbly. Check out the food and drink gallery to get a picture of everything on offer!

Hector's cafe

Coffee Bar

You'll get more than visual stimulation in the Local Heroes Bar on Deck 7. For as you sit and gaze out at the scenery, you can be sipping on your favourite coffee. We do it all, from a soothing cappuccino, a stylish flat white or a slamming long black.

Onboard Shop


Whether you need a nice warm jacket, a cool new t-shirt, an authentic pounamu or some entertainment for the kids, you will find it all in our mini emporium on Deck 7. We also have a range of Interislander souvenirs and memorabilia.

childrens play area

Children's Play Area

If you want some space to let your baby roam the floor, or where your little one can have some creative fun, or simply enjoy some time-out and relax with some kids' TV, then will find a smart and clean children's area in the Lookout Lounge on Deck 8.

childrens nurseries


If you are sailing with a little-one who needs their nap-time, then you will find a nursery room with changing facilities on board. The nursery is located on Deck 8 next to the Children's Play Area and is free to use.

onboard cabins


Our cabins are a great space for young families to sleep. Each cabin has 2 bunks and an ensuite bathroom with shower. Cabins are few in number and high in demand, so call the bookings desk to try and reserve one if you are interested.

Onboard lifts

Accessible lifts

Whether your are travelling with a buggy, have restricted mobility or just don't like stairs, Kaiarahi has two lifts to help you get around. The lifts are located mid-ship on both sides of the ship and go to the passenger Decks 7 & 8 as well as the vehicle decks.

Outdoor Viewing

Outdoor Viewing Decks

The journey through the Sounds is simply gorgeous. On an overcast day, the hills are a picture of dramatic beauty. On a sunny day, there are few better views on earth. So pop outside on Deck 8 or grab an outdoor seat and enjoy the journey!

Plus Lounge

Kaiarahi Plus Lounge

If you fancy a more refined journey across the Strait, then book a seat in the Plus Lounge. Not only do you get comfortable, quiet environment, but you also get free food and drink - including wines and beers. See the Plus Lounge page for information.

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