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Safety On-Board

Safety on-board Kaiarahi lifeboat

Your safety aboard

The safety of all passengers and crew is our top priority aboard our ships.

  • Wear shoes at all times: surfaces can be slippery and glass-wear can get knocked over in bad weather.
  • Smoke in designated areas only: each ship has smoking areas outside that are sheltered from the weather. If you can't find one then just ask a member of staff to direct you.
  • Listen for announcements: safety announcements will be made over the PA system, so please ensure you can hear them and pay attention to them. If you are listening to headphones then please ensure you can still hear the announcements
  • Use handrails: in rough weather the motion can be unpredictable. Please use the handrails where provided and take extra care on stairs and when entering spaces with raised door sills to avoid tripping.
  • Take extra care using external doors: the doors to outside passenger areas are very heavy and have high sills beneath them. Please be careful when using them and look for other passengers before letting the swing shut.
  • Supervise children at all times: please make sure you look after your little ones whilst on-board.
  • Combat illness: the middle of the ship is the most comfortable place to be during high swells as it moves the least.
  • First aid: if you are unwell or need first aid assistance then please contact the nearest member of staff.
  • Emergency procedures: in the unlikely event of an emergency you may be required to go to the designated assembly stations (muster station). The signal for this will be seven or more short blasts followed by one long blast on the ships’ whistle or bells. Remain calm and follow the instructions of our crew who are trained to deal with any emergency situation.
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