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Travel and Weather Tips

Wellington Terminal

Get ready for the Great Outdoors

One of the great pleasures of sailing across the Strait is sitting or standing on one of the viewing decks. Even on a bad day, the Marlborough Sounds, Cook Strait and Wellington Harbour are a picture of dramatic beauty. So make sure you are prepared with the following:

  • Sunscreen: even if its overcast, the New Zealand sun is very strong and can burn you in less than half-an-hour.
  • Jacket/jumper: the weather is often completely different either side of the Strait. It can also be breezy at sea. So remember to take a jacket or jumper with you on-board (you can't go back to your car or checked in baggage to get one).
  • Footwear: please ensure that all members of your party bring footwear.
  • Sunglasses: there's nothing more annoying than leaving your sunglasses behind because its cloudy and then suddenly needing them.
  • Camera: if you like scenery then make sure your camera is fully charged.
  • Phone: if you have friends on Facebook or Instagram who like scenery and/or pictures of you having a blast, then make sure you're phone is fully charged. Also, remember to share with #findtimeInterislander.
  • Sea sickness remedies: you might want to investigate your options for medicinal remedies prior to sailing, although we do sell tablets on-board in the shop.

Worried about the weather?

The weather in the sounds can be changeable!

Typically, strong winds and gales from the north are nothing to worry about will simply make the beautiful scenery a bit more dramatic. The water will remain calm, but our outdoor decks might be closed. However, a strong wind from the south, known as a Southerly, can cause significant swells.

If you want to get a forecast for your journey then it is best use the service instead of a weather forecast. This will tell you the expected wave heights. Upwards of three metres is considered by most non-seafarers as uncomfortable.

Interislander ships are large and feature stabilisers, so we will sail in very uncomfortable weather. However, there are times when we will delay or cancel sailings as it is unsafe to go out there. If we anticipate extreme weather, then we will get in touch and notify you. Your decision to sail on the day lies entirely with you and providing you notify us before Check-In, you are welcome to defer to a later sailing.

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