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Taking pets on board

Disability assist dogs

Only Disability Assist Dogs may remain in the company of their owner. There is no charge for Disability Assist Dogs.

Travelling with pets in a vehicle

All pets may remain in your vehicle for the duration of the journey. You will not be allowed down to the vehicle deck to check your pet, so please ensure it is comfortable, well fed and watered. We also advise training you pet prior to passage by keeping it in your car without your company for increasing periods of time prior to your travels.

If you prefer, you can also hire a kennel for your dog (see below). If you have hired a kennel, then notify the attendant at the vehicle check-in and they will give you a Kennel Card to hang from your rear view mirror. The marshals will then direct you to park near the kennels and assist you with kennelling.

Exercise your pet before they travel. This way they’re not likely to be restless before they come on board. It’s also a good idea to leave some toys to amuse them during the journey

Hiring A Kennel

Aratere Kennels

Kennels can be hired at $15 per kennel. The kennels are various sizes, however they are typically 800w x 800h x 600d. You can place food and water in the onboard kennels to cover the crossing. Always allow time for your pet to go to the toilet before boarding. As they’re more likely to sleep if they have familiar bedding, consider leaving some in their kennel.

You will not be able to check on your pet during the journey, so please ensure they are comfortable and have fresh water.

When checking in you are required to leave your pet outside the terminal building. A customer service representatives will then assist you with instructions on how and where to board the vessel. You will be directed to the pet storage area by our marshalling team on-board the ship.

Checking-in other animals

Cats, birds and other caged animals may checked-in as baggage. Please ensure your pet is well fed and that the cage or carrier is secure, safe and waterproof. Pets are be transported and kept on the front of the baggage truck for the duration of the crossing.

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