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Checking in

Passengers on foot

If you are travelling as a walk-on passenger, check in at the terminal at least 45 minutes prior to departure time.

Passengers on foot may carry on small items of hand luggage, but are required to check in all large items of luggage.

Passengers with a vehicle

If you are travelling with a vehicle, check in no later than 1 hour prior to departure time.  To minimise delays, please have your reservation details ready to present to check-in staff: ticket, itinerary, voucher, or booking number. 

If a vehicle passenger wishes to board via the gangway, instead of staying in the vehicle, the vehicle and all passengers should first check in together to arrange for the group's boarding passes to be split up.  This should be completed at the terminal, before reporting to the vehicle check-in area.

During the sailing, access to the vehicle deck is not permitted.  Please take any items you require during the sailing with you to the passenger areas onboard.

Important Safety Information

Prior to Boarding:

  • Turn off LPG tanks on campervans.
  • Follow all instructions from terminal and ship’s staff and obey all posted signs.
  • Remember that there are moving vehicles in the marshaling yards. Take extra care if you decide to leave your vehicle while waiting, particularly when opening vehicle doors.
  • If moving by foot about the marshaling yards or terminals follow the clearly marked walkways, do not enter restricted areas.

During Boarding:

  • Do not use cell phones during the boarding of, or disembarking from, our vessels.
  • If boarding at night, please turn off your lights once you have entered the ship, as they may dazzle the crew giving parking instructions to drivers.
  • Once parked, ensure your handbrake is fully engaged and your car is in gear (or in park for automatic vehicles).
  • Lock your vehicle, and ensure all loose items on or in your vehicle are safe and secure from loss, damage or theft.

New Bookings and Payments of Existing Bookings

All new bookings and payment of existing bookings should be completed at the terminal.

  • Wellington Departure Terminal

    Wellington Departures Terminal

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*Valid ID or proof of age required at check-in.


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