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Luggage and Pets

Hand Baggage

Each passenger is allowed to carry on-board one small bag and one handbag or laptop bag. Additional bags and larger bags must be checked in. 

Checked-in Baggage

Larger baggage, including backpacks, must be checked in at the Wellington or Picton terminals. Baggage can then be collected from the carousels at the port of arrival. Personal possessions that are not baggage may be transported in a trailer (noddy) that can be hired for $50. Please call in advance to arrange the hire of the trailer/noddy or to find out if your non-baggage items are permissible for carriage.

We will not accept individual baggage items which exceed either 32 kilograms in weight, or 200 linear centimetres (height and length and width) in dimension. For safety reasons, there are no exceptions to the weight restriction.  However, the restriction in dimension is relaxed for sporting equipment (refer below). If your bag or suitcase exceeds the limitations, then it may be possible to hire a trailer (noddy) for $50 (subject to availability).

The luggage allowance is two (2) items of baggage per person.  Additional baggage items may be carried, subject to availability and on the payment of an additional charge.

Special baggage arrangements for groups can be made at the terminals prior to departure. Please enquire at the baggage check-in area.

Excess Luggage Charges

Additional bags/suitcases can be carried, subject to availability, weight and size restrictions, at a cost of $5 per item.

What if my baggage is oversize or overweight?

Due to safety reasons, we can not accept oversized (exceeding 200 linear centimetres height length width in dimension) or overweight (exceeding 32 kilograms) baggage.

However, if available, Interislander offers noddies (small baggage carts) in order to transport oversize or overweight baggage. The cost of this service is $50 ($30 for Nautical Miles members).

Please note that if the baggage exceeds the size of the noddie, it can not be accepted for travel.

Sporting equipment and bicycles

Sporting equipment, such as surfboards, golf clubs, canoes and bicycles, can be carried on our vessels, at an additional cost of $15 per item.

Unaccompanied Baggage

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. Please contact a courier company for help with this type of facility.

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Domestic Pets

Domestic pets may be carried on our vessels. Animals will be accepted on our vessels as follows:

1.        Only Disability Assist Dogs may remain in the company of their owner.  There is no charge for Disability Assist Dogs.

2.        Dogs may be placed in dog kennels, at an additional charge of $15 per kennel (Please refer below for additional check-in information). The kennels are various sizes, however typically they are approximately 800w x 800h x 600d and are located on the vehicle decks and are fully under cover. They are metal construction with grills in the door. There are water bowls available for the kennels and a hose nearby. These are limited in number, and therefore it is necessary to book early. Please bring a blanket to make the dog more comfortable on the steel kennel floor.

3.        Dogs, cats and other animals which remain in their owner's vehicle will not incur an additional charge. The animals must remain in the vehicle throughout the journey, with fresh water available to them.

4.        If you are not travelling with a vehicle, caged cats or birds may be carried as checked baggage and will be placed in the front of our baggage trucks. Ensure that the cage or container is well ventilated and leak-proof.

5.        Livestock transportation should be arranged with our freight reservation team. Please contact them by calling 0800 660 670, or emailing  For more information on transporting livestock across Cook Strait, click here.

6.        Please be aware that due to vehicle deck security requirements, passengers are not allowed on the decks during the crossing. Unfortunately this means that you will not be able to check on your pet during transit.

7.        All animals are carried at the owners' risk.

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Kennel Information - Checking-in

Foot Passengers

Upon arrival at the ferry terminal please check in your luggage and obtain boarding passes for you and your pet. You are required to leave your pet outside the terminal building whilst checking-in. Dogs (other than Disability Assist Dogs) are not permitted inside the terminal.

Our customer service representatives will assist you with instructions on how and where to board the vessel. You will be directed to the pet storage area by our marshalling team onboard the ship.

Vehicle Passengers

Upon arrival at the ferry terminal please proceed to vehicle check-in and obtain boarding passes for you and your pet.

Our customer service representatives will assist you with instructions on how and where to board the vessel. Once onboard, you will be directed to the pet storage area by our marshalling team onboard the ship.

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