Interislander - Cook Strait Ferries

Travelling with your motorbike

If you are travelling by motorcycle, please arrive no later than one hour prior to departure time.

To minimise delays, please have your booking details ready to present to check-in staff, including photo ID if you are 18 years or older.

Embarking A7302249 LR

Prior to check-in

  • New bookings and payment of existing bookings must be completed at the passenger terminal.
  • Pack a small bag for the journey. Carry-on allowance is one small bag and one handbag/laptop bag. 

Motorbike check-in procedure

  • Arrive at least one hour before departure
  • Follow signs for vehicle check-in
  • Have your ticket and ID ready for check-in booth attendant
  • Stop at check-in booth and exchange ticket for boarding passes
  • Follow marshal's instructions to boarding lane and park
  • Wait for marshal's instruction to board
  • You must wear a helmet whilst boarding the ship
  • Do not use a mobile phone during boarding
  • Once on board, follow marshal's directions to park
  • We recommend you bring tie downs but we do our best to provide them if you don't have any. 

Motorcycle tie-down guidelines

  • Always use strong mounting points, for example close to the handlebar triple tree and around suspension for big bikes. Don’t over-tighten 
  • Avoid tie-downs touching farings or other paintwork prone to scuffing
  • Avoid tying over brake lines, wiring harnesses, etc 
  • If lashing over the seat, you can use gloves, a towel or similar under the strap to protect the seat.

The following procedures are suggested by experienced motorcycle passengers:

  • Use the side stand to maximise the points of contact with the deck
  • Compress the front suspension slightly to keep the tie-down secure. Tie-downs should pull the bike forward
  • Where available, use a front wheel frame or chock to prevent the front wheel turning
  • Put your bike in gear
  • Tie down the rear of the bike to prevent movement back and forth.
Motorbike tie downs