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Interislander - Cook Strait Ferries

Manage your booking

If you want to change or cancel your Interislander booking you can do it yourself!

There are two ways to make changes to your booking

We have recently introduced a "Checkout as Guest" option to our booking system. If you have made your booking using this option you can make changes to your booking by:

  • Go to the Manage Your Booking page
  • Entering your booking number which appears on the travel voucher we emailed to you after you booked and any of the last names that appear on the booking.

If you are a Nautical Miles member or logged in to make your booking you can either:

  • Login to change your booking, or
  • Go to the Manage Your booking page and enter your booking number and last name

You do need to check your fare type and conditions to ensure you are able to make changes to your booking.

Manage your Booking