1. Accessibility / People with Disabilities
Do your ferries cater for those who are disabled or in wheelchairs?

Interislander takes very seriously its responsibility for the safety and comfort of all passengers.

We have specific information for the ships and the terminals for those passengers who are mobility impaired.

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2. Airport Transfers
Connecting to an Australian flight?

If you are connecting to a mid-afternoon international flight at Wellington Airport we do not consider the mid-morning departure from Picton allows sufficient time to make your connection.

How long does it take to get between the Wellington ferry terminal and the Wellington airport?

We recommend that you allow 30 minutes for a taxi ride between the terminals.

Is there a shuttle or other transfer between the Wellington ferry terminal and the airport?

There are no direct transfers, we recommend that you use a taxi. These are conveniently located outside both the ferry and airport arrival terminals.

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3. Baggage
1. How many bags can I take onboard your ferry?

Hand Baggage

Small hand baggage can be taken onboard our vessels as personal hand luggage and at the owner's risk.

Checked-in Baggage

Larger baggage, including backpacks, must be checked-in at the Wellington or Picton terminals. Baggage can then be collected from the carousels at the port of arrival. Except for sporting equipment (refer below), we will not accept individual baggage items which exceed either 32 kilograms in weight, or 200 linear centimetres (height + length + width) in dimension. For safety reasons, there are no exceptions to the weight restriction.

The luggage allowance is two (2) items of baggage per person. Additional baggage items in excess of this may be carried, subject to restrictions of availability, weight and size. Additional items will incur an additional cost.

Special baggage arrangements for groups can be made at the terminals prior to departure; enquire at the baggage check-in area.

2. I am travelling with large sporting equipment as part of my luggage - is this a problem?

Sporting equipment, such as surfboards, golf clubs, canoes and bicycles, can be carried on our vessels, for an additional cost of $15 per item.

3. What if my baggage is oversize or overweight?

Due to safety reasons, we can not accept oversized (exceeding 200 linear centimetres height + length + width in dimension) or overweight (exceeding 32 kilograms) baggage.

However, Interislander offers noddies (small baggage carts) in order to transport oversize or overweight baggage. The cost of this service is $50 ($30 for Nautical Miles members).

Please note that if the baggage exceeds the size of the noddie, it can not be accepted for travel.

4. Can I send unaccompanied luggage on your ferry, to be collected by someone else at the other end?

Unfortunately, we do not offer this service. Please contact a courier company for help with this type of facility.

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4. Bands on Board
Can I play for my passage?

Interislander is proud to support New Zealand entertainers by allowing them to "sing for their supper".  Each year, Kaitaki hosts hundreds of bands and performers who keep passengers entertained whilst bagging free passage to the other side. 

This offer is open not only to bands, but also to other entertainers who would like to perform on-board the Kaitaki ferry and in return we will provide free passage for up to 6 people and 1 vehicle. It’s important you totally complete the application form and send it to us in the first instance. We will review your application and let you know.  

Please complete our Entertainment Application Form, then send it through to us.

Please note that performances are restricted to Kaitaki morning and afternoon sailings.

You must apply at least one month prior to desired travel date and performances must be family-friendly.

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5. Booking Changes
How can I check, change or cancel my booking?

Just login on the home page (top right hand corner), and select “Change booking”.

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6. Car Parking
Where can I park my car at the terminal?


In Wellington, short-term parking of up to 30 minutes is available, free of charge.  Please note, though, that space is limited and in great demand, especially during peak times.

Limited long-term Pay and Display parking is also available, at a cost of $10 per calendar day (or part thereof).   Long-term parks cannot be pre-booked; if you are travelling at peak times, such as during school holidays, Easter or Christmas, please do not rely on being able to use the long-term parking facilities.

This facility is fenced, and attended between 7am and 6pm. When unattended outside these hours, the car park is locked. However, the facility is opened for the arrival and departure of passenger sailings. Parking is at the owners' risk.

When using the long-term parking facility, please allow extra time to check in.


Port Marlborough provides 60 minute car parking near the Picton terminal entrance, free of charge.  Please observe the well sign-posted parking limits.

A number of longer-term parking options are also available.

Long(er)-term parking is available approximately 200 metres from the terminal (near the Old Railway Station). This is Pay and Display and costs $1 per hour, or $6 per day. The pay and display machine is located in the main long-term car park. Port Marlborough have also allowed part of the 60 minute car park to be used as long-term overflow when the main long-term park is full, but you must have a pay and display ticket. Coins for the pay and display machine can be obtained from the Interislander Ticket Counter.

Marlborough Sounds Storage provides covered vehicle storage. Bookings are recommended.

When using any of these long-term parking facilities, please allow extra time to check in.

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7. Check-in
When should I check in?

If you are travelling as a walk-on passenger, you need to check in at the terminal at least 45 minutes prior to the departure time of your sailing. If you are travelling with a vehicle, you need to check in at the vehicle check-in area no later than 1 hour before departure time. If you have not yet paid for your ticket, you'll need to do so at the terminal first. Prepaid vehicle tickets can be picked up from the vehicle check-in hut.

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8. Dangerous Goods
Can I transport dangerous goods on the ship?

Some dangerous goods are allowed as long as they are within defined limits. 

Greater quantities may also be allowed on certain sailings and when properly declared and managed. 

Please see the Dangerous Goods page for further information.

If in doubt, please call our Dangerous Goods Team on 0800 660 670. 

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9. Flexi-Pass
How do I book using my Flexi-Pass?

Flexi-Pass bookings are not made through Interislander. Please make your bookings direct with InterCity either online or by free phone 0800 222 146.

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10. GST Invoices
How can I receive a GST Invoice?

After paying for your booking, print the travel voucher, which is also an Inland Revenue approved tax invoice. If you have already sailed, email your postal address to refunds@interislander.co.nz and we will mail you a copy of your invoice.

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11. Internet Access
Is Internet Access available?

All Interislander vessels are equipped with free Wi-Fi for all passengers. Please see https://www.interislander.co.nz/Our-Ships-And-Services/Wi-Fi-Internet.aspx for more details.

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12. Lost Property
Who do I contact about lost property?

If you have lost property on a ferry or in Picton terminal, please contact the Picton Customer Service Team on 03 520 3241. 

If you have lost property in Wellington terminal or on the shuttle bus in Wellington, please call the Wellington Terminal Team on 04 815 9617.

Interislander logs all lost and found property and this is kept for 4 weeks to allow our customers to reclaim lost items before being disposed of.

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13. Motorcycles
Do I need to bring tie-downs?

While all the ships have tie-downs available, there are times when we do carry a large number of motorcycles on a single sailing and it's possible that there may be insufficient tie-downs. We do recommend that you bring your own tie-downs.

Please be aware that while motorcycles are welcome on Arahura, it is Kaitaki and Aratere that have the best deck facilities for motorcycles, and we recommend sailing on these vessels if possible. 

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14. Newsletters
Can I subscribe to the Newsletter?

Interislander regularly offers exclusive discounts to its newsletter subscribers.

You can sign up when you complete your booking or email newsletters@interislander.co.nz and we’ll subscribe you for the next newsletter.

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15. Passwords
Do I need a password?

You will need your password to change your booking so keep a note of it in a safe place. If you have lost the password, please use the 'forgotten your password?" link on the top right hand side of our website.

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16. Payment Options
What forms of payment do you accept online?

We accept all the major credit cards including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, Diners and JCB.  We also accept debit card including Loaded's prepaid Visa card, Prezzy Visa card and Westpac's Debitplus Visa card.

Alternatively, you can use Poli to pay by internet banking.

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17. Pets, Dogs and Disability Assist Dogs
Can I take my pet on the ferry? What special arrangements do I need to make?

Yes, you can take your pets on the ferry. Animals will be accepted on our vessels as follows:

  1. Only Disability Assist Dogs may remain in the company of their owner.  There is no charge for Disability Assist Dogs.
  2. Dogs may be placed in dog kennels, at an additional charge of $15 per kennel (additional check-in information). The kennels are various sizes, however typically they are approximately 800w x 800h x 600d and are located on the vehicle decks and are fully under cover. They are metal construction with grills in the door. There are water bowls available for the kennels and a hose nearby. These are limited in number, and therefore it is necessary to book early. Please bring a blanket to make the dog more comfortable on the steel kennel floor.
  3. Dogs, cats and other animals which remain in their owners vehicle will not incur an additional charge. The animals must remain in the vehicle throughout the journey, with fresh water available to them. Pets cannot be left on the back of flat-deck trucks or utes and must be contained within the cab.
  4. If you are not travelling with a vehicle, caged cats or birds may be carried as checked baggage and will be placed in the front of our baggage trucks. Ensure that the cage or container is well ventilated and leak-proof.
  5. Livestock transportation should be arranged with our freight reservation team, on 0800 660 670, or freight@interislander.co.nz. For more information on transporting livestock across Cook Strait, click here.
  6. Please be aware that due to vehicle deck security requirements, passengers are not allowed on the decks during the crossing. Unfortunately this means that you will not be able to check on your pet during transit.
  7. All animals are carried at the owners' risk.
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18. Refunds
How do I get a refund?

Refund conditions vary depending upon the fare purchased. To be eligible for a refund, you must cancel your booking BEFORE check-in time. Cancellations can be made online. Just login on the home page (top right hand corner) and then select “Change booking”.

If you have grounds for claiming a refund after your travel date, send a written request to refunds@interislander.co.nz . Outline the reason for the refund and provide your booking number and contact details. Written requests must be made within 30 days of the scheduled day of departure.

If your refund is approved you will need to provide credit card, or bank details to allow us to process a refund  into your account.

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19. Rental Cars
Can I take a rental car on the ferry?

Interislander carries most vehicles including rental cars.  Please note that Avis, Budget, Europcar, Hertz and Thrifty do not allow their vehicles to cross so they have depots at both Wellington and Picton Terminals for you to uplift another vehicle.  If hiring from one of these companies you should book yourself on Interislander as a foot passenger.

All other reputable rental car hire companies allow the vehicle to cross on Interislander.  Talk to them about the favourable rates they office to book you and the vehicle on Interislander so you can simply drive on and drive off at the other end - retaining the same vehicle throughout your journey.

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20. Sailing Information
How can I get updated sailing information?

Interislander offers a text message service called 'Go Get'. This enables you to get booking or sailing information anywhere and anytime from your mobile phone. Please note that each text costs 20c.

Text “bk” and the last 4 digits of your booking number to 322 to get your updated sailing details.

Alternatively, you can text “dep” to 322 for a list of departures that day or text “Arr” to 322 for the arrivals.

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21. Scenic Rail Passes
Where do I find information on the Scenic Rail Pass?

The Scenic Rail Pass is available through Tranz Scenic.

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22. Sponsorship
Do you offer sponsorship?

Interislander is pleased to support a limited number of sporting, charitable and sustainability organisations.  A list of this year's sponsorship partnerships can be found here.

If you wish to apply for sponsorship, please refer to our application page .

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23. Timetables
How long does the journey take?

The journey from Wellington to Picton on our passenger vessels is 3 hours long.

What time do your ferries leave?

Interislander offers a year round service of up to 5 return passenger sailings per day between Wellington and Picton. Please click here to view the timetable.

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24. Unaccompanied Children
Do you carry unaccompanied children?

Interislander will not carry unaccompanied children. Children under 15 years of age must be accompanied by an adult over 15 years of age.

Because our ‘child’ fare extends to 18 years of age, you will need to call 0800 802 802 to book a 15, 16 or 17 year old who is not accompanied by an adult 18 years or over.

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25. Unaccompanied Vehicles
Does Interislander offer a service to ship unaccompanied cars and trailers?

Yes, please contact our freight service centre on 0800 660 670 or email freight@interislander.co.nz for more information.

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