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Unleashing the Spirit: Campbell Gray Takes on the Kathmandu Coast to Coast 2024

Join Interislander in cheering on Campbell Gray, a rising star in the world of adventure sports! Interislander is backing this young dynamo as he gears up for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast 2024.

The Coast to Coast is no walk in the park—it's a two-day, adrenaline-pumping multisport race covering a gruelling 243 kilometres.

To complete the course, athletes like Campbell need to master a challenging run, bike and kayaking course from Kumara Beach on New Zealand’s West Coast to New Brighton Beach on the East.

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Campbell, fuelled by the legend of this iconic race, has it squarely on his bucket list. With a background in adventure racing and multisport, he's no stranger to pushing boundaries. His training routine reads like a fitness fanatic's dream—endless running, cycling, and kayaking. "I've been lucky with the support in Hamilton," he says, grateful for the community backing him.

But it hasn't been all smooth sailing for Campbell. Glandular fever threw a wrench in his plans in 2019, COVID messed things up in 2020, and a nasty head injury tried to keep him away later. Yet, undaunted, Campbell is laser-focused on conquering this challenge.

His eyes are set on not just mastering the Coast to Coast but also gunning for the World Multisport Championship in 2024.

For Campbell, it's more than just a challenge—it's a journey to peak fitness. And as he gears up his training even more, Interislander is proud to be in his corner.

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With a little over two weeks until the event, let's check in with Campbell

Interislander is proud to sponsor extraordinary individuals like Campbell Gray, a dynamic young athlete gearing up for the Kathmandu Coast to Coast 2024. We caught up with Campbell to learn how his training is going.  

“This summer has provided me with an awesome chance to set myself a solid base fitness level that I can race off,” says Campbell, who aims to gain experience in the two-day event before taking on the World Multisport Championship the following year. 

"It’s also given me a chance to finetune some speed, power and skills required for Coast to Coast."

As part of his training, Campbell was stoked to be able to get down to Christchurch and spend a weekend out on the course. “To top it off I got the opportunity to link up with some guns of the sport to learn the ropes.” 

Campbell loves challenging himself to beat his own numbers and to continue getting fitter and faster.

“I am guilty of pushing it too hard or doing too much. So being on top of rest and recovery has been a learning curve for me.” 

Christmas was “nice and chill”, he says meaning he had the opportunity to train through that period. But he did take a couple of days off over the new year to spend some much-needed time with mates. 

Campbell’s top piece of advice for someone else considering the feat? “It’s more than just the race. There are ups and downs along the way which teach you so much about yourself while getting amongst some unreal places.” 

He says the multi-sport community is extremely welcoming. There’s always someone to meet up with or willing to lend a hand, which makes the goal less daunting. 

Overall, Campbell is happy with where he’s at and is itching to put it all to the test on race day.  

As he continues on this adventure, Interislander is proud to be a part of Campbell’s journey, supporting the spirit of resilience, determination and athleticism that defines the Kathmandu Coast to Coast. We can’t wait to see him in action on the day.  

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