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Arapaoa Kiwi Trust

We are proud to support the Arapaoa Kiwi Trust and its mission to successfully reintroduce kiwi to Arapaoa Island in the Marlborough Sounds.

This is an ambitious project which will take five to seven years to realise.  And critical to its success is the eradication of stoats which pose a significant threat to kiwi. Stoats have been known to swim the 2.5km from the mainland, so eradicating these predators and keeping the island stoat-free for at least three years is a significant and ongoing commitment. 

That’s why Interislander is supporting the Trust to install more than 1,500 traps and about 100 cameras across the island to identify and irradicate these predators.  Only once the island has been stoat-free for at least three years will kiwi be safe to be released.

Arapaoa Island is the second largest island in the Marlborough Sounds and is the gateway to this beautiful region for Interislander and our passengers. Arapaoa Island is right in front of the ferry as we sail through the Tory Channel as we are heading to Picton.

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Find out more:

Go to the Trust website to find out more about the project. You can lend a hand by volunteering or donating a trap.