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Life Flight Trust

Flying to the rescue nationwide, here at Interislander we proudly help raise awareness and funding for this life-saving cause. Their cause is something we believe in and they are truly people we look up to.

Life Flight's Open Day is on 10 March 2024.

Interislander and lifeflight

Raising money to save lives

Life Flight is a charity organisation that saves the lives of ordinary New Zealanders every day. Their famous red and yellow helicopter is a common sight in the skies around Wellington, hurrying to rescue people in urgent need or perilous situations across the lower North Island and upper South Island.

Since its creation in 1982, Life Flight has helped over 40,000 people. On average, Life Flight's helicopter and aeroplanes come to the rescue every six hours. To continue this life-saving work, Life Flight depends on public donations. This is where Interislander steps in.

Life Flight Sunday 15 young donor

Since 2014, Interislander has been proudly sponsoring Life Flight's annual fundraiser, the Life Flight Open Day which is scheduled for 10 March 2024. Together, we organise an exciting family day out that attracts thousands of Wellingtonians, young and old, to come and have fun while learning about Life Flight's life-saving work and donating to this special cause. 

We also help fundraise at the annual Life Flight Gala Dinner.

To find out more about Life Flight, or to help keep this vital service going with a much-needed donation, please visit their website now.



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