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Backing Project Jonah’s marine mammal rescues

Did you know that around 300 whales and dolphins become stranded around New Zealand every year? And only one organisation is dedicated to saving them when they get in trouble – Project Jonah.

At Interislander we’re proud to support the people who rescue marine mammals, because dolphin and whale sightings are a treasured part of the journey across Cook Strait. Our crew alerts passengers when a pod of dolphins or a migrating humpback whale is sighted from the deck.

About Project Jonah

Project Jonah is a volunteer-driven organisation committed to the welfare of marine mammals. Their efforts range from dolphin and whale rescue to educating people about these amazing animals and lobbying the government for better protections. They also engage in environmental clean-up activities, such as picking up litter from beaches.

Project Jonah offers courses nationwide to train people as marine mammal medics, equipping them with life-saving skills for use during dolphin and whale strandings. To date, over 5000 volunteers, including some of our own Interislander crew, have completed this training and are ready to respond to strandings anywhere in the country.

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At Interislander, our affinity for marine mammals is expressed by the inclusion of Pelorus Jack in our logo. Pelorus Jack was a Risso’s dolphin famous for guiding ships through the treacherous waters of French Pass from 1888 to 1912. His unique behaviour made him a beloved hero; he was even protected by a special government order.

Our sponsorship of Project Jonah includes providing free passage across Cook Strait for Project Jonah’s vehicles, equipment and personnel during a stranding response. We also help supply some of the necessary equipment for rescue operations.

Want to help Project Jonah?

To learn more about Project Jonah and their work, or to find out how you can become a marine mammal medic, visit their website. They also offer an excellent guide to the marine mammals you might see on your next Interislander Cook Strait crossing.

Visit the Project Jonah website.