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Project Jonah

For many people, the highlight of their Cook Strait crossing on the Interislander is spotting dolphins, porpoises, and even whales. Our crew let everyone onboard know if a pod of dolphins is racing at the bow of the ferry or performing aerobatics.

Interislander staff feel the same affinity for these marine mammals. This is reflected in our logo of the dolphin and fern representing Pelorus Jack, the Risso’s dolphin  famous for escorting ships through French Pass at the start of the 20th Century.

It is a natural fit that Interislander would support the amazing work done by the team at Project Jonah.

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Project Jonah is made up of volunteers focussed on protecting and helping marine mammals in all sorts of ways. This covers everything from rescuing stranded whales and dolphins; educating people about these amazing animals; lobbying government for their protection; and, even picking up litter off beaches.

They offer courses around the country to train all sorts of people as marine mammal medics, developing life-saving skills put to good use when whales and dolphins strand on beaches. You too can attend a training course  and be added to the national callout list.

Some of our crew are amongst the 5000 volunteers who have completed the course ready to respond to strandings anywhere in the country. And that is where we come in. Anytime Project Jonah needs to get vehicles, equipment and people across Cook Strait we gladly welcome them onboard for free. We also help provide some of the equipment needed during rescues.

Did you know that every year around 300 whales and dolphins strand around New Zealand?

Find out more about Project Jonah – they also have an excellent guide to whales, dolphins and porpoises you may see on your next Interislander Cook Strait crossing.